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Why Safari's Fleet Management Solutions?

Unmatched Fleet Safety

Unparalleled visibility into fleet safety and more insightful business decisions.

Irrespective of the number of vehicles in your fleet, Safari’s GPS fleet management software is determined to monitor & protect your asset from theft or harm.

Our fleet management solutions allow you to turn on the vehicle lock from LocoNav’s fleet vehicle tracking app and be assured that the vehicle in your fleet won’t start without your consent.

Get live over-speeding alerts, alerts on entry and exit points, monitor idling in real time, etc., and get vehicle services and maintenance alerts.

Reduced Operational Costs

Planned maintenance, fuel monitoring, driver coaching, and more.

Manage every crucial aspect of your daily fleet operations with just a click. Keep check on your drivers, their driving assignments, and their geolocation at any time.

Get diagnostic, mileage, and health reports of all the vehicles in your fleet so that you can worry less about your fleet’s well-being and concentrate more on expanding your business.

Our commercial GPS fleet tracking can help you reduce a good amount of your fuel expenses. Track driving behavior, reduce idling time and cut down on fuel related costs.

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What We Offer

Fuel Management

Learn about fuel costs, identify areas of improvement, get conclusive reports on fuel performance and fuel theft, analyze fleet trends, and optimize fleet utilization with Safari’s fleet management system.

Employee Management

With Safari’s Fleet Management Software, tracking the performance and productive output of your employees transparently and efficiently has never been easier. Keep a check on delivery schedules and cargo movement.

Asset Management

Keep a check on your fleet inventory with Safari’s Fleet Management Software. Stay on top of your drivers’ schedules and give your staff access to real-time information to keep the fleet running smoothly.

Customer Testimonials

Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

Rohit Gupta
Rohit Gupta
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"Amazing Service by Safari Fleet Management System Provider powered by Al" Like the Vehicle Tracking Services, Customer Support Team. Mobile Application UI is user-friendly. I am managing my fleet of vehicles. I track their location and some other attributes. It works perfectly fine most of the time. I have achieved operational efficiency.
Farhan Ansari
Farhan Ansari
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"Safari: Best Fleet Management Software" We have been using Loconav for a year, and the product delivered spectacular results from the beginning. Features like Vehicle Dashboard, Vahan Info, Fastags, readily available reports, and Live Vehicle Tracking is a win-win situation for a user.
John Mathews
John Mathews
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"Fleet management-It is very comprehensive when it comes to data capturing". Maintenance service schedule feature and drive behavior. The best thing has been elimination of too many google sheets when it comes to service scheduling and fueling data.

Frequently Asked Questions

GPS Fleet tracking companies like Safari use state-of-the-art technology to make tracking an easy and efficient process for all stakeholders involved. The entire tracking ecosystem relies on Telematics to provide live and accurate vehicular information. GPS fleet tracking involves the mapping of location coordinates that relay the exact position of a vehicle in real-time. The information is then transferred in packets to a server that further transmits this data to fleet management solutions employed by you, either a mobile application or a desktop application.

For the most part, India’s economy is dependent on the transportation industry. As a result, fleet managers must be made an integral part of all forms of fleet operations. And this will fundamentally alter the landscape of India’s freight business. Freight transportation will become a more streamlined and effective procedure with fleet management. Apart from tracking your fleet, it can also design and manage timely deliveries and accurate shipment timetables. Lower corporate costs will assure more investment in this dynamic industry because maintenance and fuel savings are major segments that fleet management systems look after.

Yes, Safari’s fleet management software in India is available across both platforms, Android as well as iOS.

Safari offers the best price in the market for our GPS fleet tracking solutions. We provide GPS fleet tracking with no monthly fees. To know our fleet GPS tracking system’s cost, you can get in touch with our team.

The ability to track your assets in real time from the comfort of your home or workplace at any time and from any location is a major help in making your everyday GPS fleet tracking activities more effective. This can be accomplished efficiently by combining fleet and asset management systems, intelligence reports, and software. You can use our GPS fleet management software in India with a single click to:
• Track the location of all your vehicles from the comfort of your home or office
• Keep track of the condition of your assets and schedule regular fleet maintenance reminders
• Monitor the use and activity of your assets to ensure compliance
• Keep an eye on wasteful and dangerous driver behaviours
• Optimize inefficient driver routes
• Verify time card information to reduce misreported information
• You can ensure that your assets remain within designated areas by using the software’s geofencing function. This can help towns and emergency responders determine if they have emergency staff coverage in specific areas. Furthermore, by utilizing the fleet management device’s mapping and route optimization tools, you may increase the emergency response time of your department or organization.

As a fleet operations manager, data and analytics are important sources of information to track your fleet business. This information helps you to:
• Stay informed about the condition of their fleet
• Provide them with actionable information to make informed decisions
• Helps them to ensure that their reports are accurate
• Reduce unnecessary costs by eliminating human errors


Any GPS fleet tracking software that’s worth its salt is going to provide fleet owners with data. However, some systems will provide them with too much data, forcing them to spend their valuable time sorting through unnecessary information just to get the snippets they need. Having fleet management solutions that can provide fleet owners with easy access to the right kinds of data, as well as provide them with the quality customer support they would expect, is a win-win for any fleet management professional.

According to a recent study, fuel costs account for almost 40% of the total cost of fleet operation. With the help of our fleet management system, fleet owners can reduce their fuel costs by up to 20-30% by optimizing routes. Through Safari’s GPS fleet tracking solutions, fleet owners can have a 360-degree view of their vehicles. In this way, fleet owners would be able to track the location and movement of their vehicles anywhere, anytime with Safari’s fleet monitoring software.

Risk managers face the difficult duty of assessing and recognizing potential threats to the company’s or municipality’s safety, reputation, and financial prosperity. As such, it’s also your responsibility to know where your organization’s assets are at all times and how they are being used. In an ideal world, you would be able to completely trust all of your staff. However, you will encounter some trustworthy employees as well as a few rogues who attempt to take advantage of your organization’s resources and time. This behaviour can potentially put your assets at risk, and put you and your company in a compromising position. Our GPS tracking solutions can help you reduce your liability while also saving money as you get to monitor your fleet. Using the best GPS fleet tracking services can help to deter theft and aid in the recovery of lost or stolen assets. You can offer law enforcement with the most exact information to help them retrieve your vehicle or equipment if you can locate the position of your assets in real-time. Not only this, a car fleet management system comes with many other features such as fuel cards that can help you to save huge on your monthly fuel expenditure. No matter whether you work for a company or municipality if you’re using an ineffective fleet management system — or no fleet management system at all — then you owe it to yourself to make your daily operations more efficient.


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