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Effortless Fuel Monitoring

Track your fuel consumption 24/7, anytime, anywhere.

Why Safari's Fuel Monitoring System?

Reduced Fuel Costs

Decrease operational costs, increase fuel efficiency.

Stay steps ahead from pilferage with the help of our fuel tracking device. Get instant alerts about fuel drainage and know your vehicle’s average fuel consumption.

LocoNav’s robust fuel consumption meter ensures that you get accurate fuel refill and drain location updates on the map, and are informed about the fuel level status.

Get precise data about the complete fuel log of your vehicle. Obtain detailed reports about refuelling, drainage, and mileage with our fuel tank level sensor.

AI-Driven Solutions

Employing the best of technology to help your fleet.

Leverage Safari’s fuel monitoring sensor to be mindful of fuel wastage by idling and adverse driving practices, and save big on fuel costs.

Our IP-69K rated fuel sensor utilizes state-of-the-art capacitance-based technology that comes with reliable and consistent data delivery, a fireproof body, and minimal maintenance.

With a wide application range, our fuel monitoring system can be fitted in tanks of all kinds of vehicles, ranging from cars to commercial vehicles.

Fuel Sensors for All Types of Vehicles

From Trucks to Buses and Cars, Our Solutions Cover Every Fleet

Fuel Sensor for Trucks

Streamlining Global Fleet Management with Fuel Monitoring and Actionable Reports.

Fuel Sensor for Cars

Optimize Your Private Vehicle’s Efficiency with Our Fuel Level Sensor and Beyond.

Fuel Sensor for Bus

Boost Bus Fleet Efficiency with Safari’s Fuel Pressure Sensor. Our Durable, Tamper-Proof Solution Ensures Worry-Free Maintenance for Over 5 Years.

Fuel Sensor for Bikes

Enhance Bike Fuel Efficiency and Longevity with Safari’s Fuel Sensor – Whether You’re a Single Rider or Manage a Bike Fleet.

Customer Testimonials

Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

Rohit Gupta
Rohit Gupta
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"Amazing Service by Safari Fleet Management System Provider powered by Al" Like the Vehicle Tracking Services, Customer Support Team. Mobile Application UI is user-friendly. I am managing my fleet of vehicles. I track their location and some other attributes. It works perfectly fine most of the time. I have achieved operational efficiency.
Farhan Ansari
Farhan Ansari
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"Safari: Best Fleet Management Software" We have been using Loconav for a year, and the product delivered spectacular results from the beginning. Features like Vehicle Dashboard, Vahan Info, Fastags, readily available reports, and Live Vehicle Tracking is a win-win situation for a user.
John Mathews
John Mathews
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"Fleet management-It is very comprehensive when it comes to data capturing". Maintenance service schedule feature and drive behavior. The best thing has been elimination of too many google sheets when it comes to service scheduling and fueling data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, remote fuel monitoring is possible. With Safari you can remotely monitor fuel levels at all times and all fuel-related events such as refueling, and drainage. You can even track fuel consumption in every geolocation.

No. The function of both fuel efficiency monitor and fuel monitoring system is to monitor the fuel in the tank and compute the efficiency of the fuel and mileage of the vehicle at a particular moment based on input from the load sensor, type of road conditions, traffic conditions, and power management.

Yes, you can monitor your fuel consumption in real-time. With the help of the Safari Fuel Monitoring system, you can stay one step ahead of pilferage. Receive instant alerts for fuel drainage and learn your vehicle’s typical fuel consumption.

Yes, Safari Fuel Monitoring System is up to 97% accurate. The average inaccuracy in the fuel efficiency display of vehicles is 2.3 percent. However, vehicle error varies substantially, ranging from 6.4 to 2.8 percent. This specific data indicates that each vehicle reacts differently to changes in driving, and that accuracy can be influenced by driving style and road conditions.

A fuel level sensor is used to monitor, maintain, and measure the level of fuel in a vehicle. After detecting the fuel level, the sensor turns the observed data into electronic signals.


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