Our Story and Mission

We Believe

Fleets are the beating heart of the global economy.

And at the heart of each fleet is the commercial vehicle.


At Safari, we believe that each time a commercial vehicle gets access to modern fleet technology, roads become safer, millions of owners and drivers experience prosperity, and there is a positive impact on climate sustainability.


While many strides have been made in the developed world to leverage the best that technology has to offer, fleet owners and drivers elsewhere are still struggling with rudimentary products and services.


We are changing that.

We are democratising access to fleet technology for every commercial vehicle in the emerging world.

Our road is steep and fraught with complexities – fragmented players, varying scale and types of fleet, multilingual users, price-sensitivity, telecom and hardware realities, access to regulatory information, limited payment systems, and all the nuances that make each country unique.


We see these challenges as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring a positive impact to more than 100 Million vehicle owners and drivers by 2030.


We are building the largest network of connected commercial vehicles on the planet which powers the LocoNav full-stack fleet management ecosystem to serve every stakeholder in the fleet economy.


Above all, we believe that only when we think beyond what is, can we truly imagine what can be.

Guiding the Way:

Our Leadership Team

Abdul Latheef


Mahnas Musthafa

General Manager

Mohammed Arshad

FMS Engineer

Ashfaque Ahamed

Sales Executive

Expanding Horizons:

Our Six Core Values


We adapt constantly to serve our stakeholders better.


No matter how uphill the drive, we power through.


We bring 100% of ourselves to our cause. Everyday.


We respect and embrace diversity in all forms.


The whole is always greater than the sum of the parts.


Money, time or resources, we strive to do more with less.


Our Office

Kuwait Office:
Office Number 7, Floor 1
Fahaheel Khan Building
Fahaheel, Kuwait

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