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Comprehensive Sustainable Management for Electric Vehicles and Assets

A single solution to cater to the entire ecosystem of your EV fleet.

Why Safari's EV Fleet Management Solutions?

Unmatched Fleet Monitoring

Unparalleled visibility into EV fleet monitoring and more insightful business decisions.

Irrespective of the number of vehicles in your fleet, Safari’s Electric Vehicle & Asset Management software is determined to monitor & protect your asset from theft or harm.

Get real-time charging status for vehicle’s state-of-charge, battery charge, and charging status, along with the location of charge and in-depth details on each charge cycle.

Get live battery status alerts when electric vehicles are running low on battery, and charging start & end.

Reduced Operational Costs

Planned EV fleet operations, maintenance, driver coaching, and more.

Manage every crucial aspect of your daily fleet operations with just a click. Keep check on your drivers, their driving assignments, and their geolocation at any time.

Our commercial GPS fleet tracking can help you reduce a good amount of your EV battery charging costs & replacements with the help of charging pattern reports and actionable trends.

Monitor battery capacity and health over time and stay on top of degradation patterns so that you can worry less about your EV fleet’s well-being and concentrate more on expanding your business.

Innovative Solutions for Your EV Fleet

Full-stack Solution Suite for Your EV Vehicles

Closed circuit terminal voltage (V) & voltage state

Ambient & battery temperature (°C)

Charging & discharging current (A)

State of charge & health

Cell balancing mode

Charge cycle count

Battery life prediction

Battery data management

Driving range determination

Remote commands to vehicle/battery

Firmware management

Fault alarms

One-stop Solution for e-Mobility Industry

We've Got You Covered


• Asset safety
• Performance optimization
• Warranty claim management
• Battery recycling


*Battery and Vehicle OEMs


• Battery safety

• Performance optimization
• Assessing range & capacity
• Demand forecasting
• Asset recovery
• Battery recycling



EV Buyers

• Performance benchmarking
• Monitoring driving range
• Battery charging
• Asset safety
• Warranty claim management
• Real-time tracking

Sls/VAS Providers

• Claims management
• Asset recovery
• Assessing EV readiness
• Asset safety
• Warranty claim management
• Environmental impact

Customer Testimonials

Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

Rohit Gupta
Rohit Gupta
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"Amazing Service by Safari Fleet Management System Provider powered by Al" Like the Vehicle Tracking Services, Customer Support Team. Mobile Application UI is user-friendly. I am managing my fleet of vehicles. I track their location and some other attributes. It works perfectly fine most of the time. I have achieved operational efficiency.
Farhan Ansari
Farhan Ansari
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"Safari: Best Fleet Management Software" We have been using Loconav for a year, and the product delivered spectacular results from the beginning. Features like Vehicle Dashboard, Vahan Info, Fastags, readily available reports, and Live Vehicle Tracking is a win-win situation for a user.
John Mathews
John Mathews
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"Fleet management-It is very comprehensive when it comes to data capturing". Maintenance service schedule feature and drive behavior. The best thing has been elimination of too many google sheets when it comes to service scheduling and fueling data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric Vehicle or EV Fleet Management is the process of managing a fleet of electric vehicles, including the charging infrastructure required to keep them running.

With fuel stations being abundantly available, fleet management of a traditional fleet is not focused on refueling. This, however, is the opposite of EV fleet management. Recharging is crucial for task scheduling and routing in an EV fleet, so for a fleet to function effectively, EV fleet management is focused on constantly collecting and evaluating battery info, charge condition, and charging options of all EVs in the fleet. As a result, EV fleet management solutions do everything that traditional fleet management software does and is based on available charging infrastructure. It remotely tracks the condition of critical vehicle characteristics and presents them to the web platform in real-time to identify the nearest charging station.

EV data leads to greater operational efficiency and productivity. Battery health tracking, driver monitoring, and live location are all data points provided by EV fleet management software. This enables fleet management organizations to track engine idle time, leading to more efficient driving. Furthermore, it has a significant impact on the bottom line.

The EV Battery Management System is mainly in charge of monitoring the parameters of the battery. The analogue front end gathers data to determine battery health. This improves an electric vehicle’s performance. The cell balancing circuit in the BMS ensures that each cell has the same level of discharge and charge so that some cells are not swamped and destroyed. Balancing the charging and discharging of individual cells improves the electric vehicle’s overall performance, operation, and safety. The BMS also makes it easier to communicate data to the driver. The EV Battery Management System can also be used to monitor the diagnostics and performance of the electric vehicle, as well as to set system parameters.


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